The International Community for Movement

The International Community for Movement: a world-leading centre for performance teaching and research excellence

The International Community for Movement (ICM) aims to connect and extend the field of actor movement by offering workshops, discussion and talks for professional movement practitioners and actors. The ICM acts as a gathering point for the development of movement teachers, movement directors and other movement practitioners working in theatre, actor training and allied fields.  

The MA/MFA Movement: Directing and Teaching course leaders have curated the ICM; the combined specialisms of Vanessa Ewan and Ayse Tashkiran of actor movement pedagogy and movement direction pedagogy inform the events of this community. In the pilot phase we have run a series of creative, teaching research projects and workshops that have shared practices, as well as initiated and responded to questions arising from movement direction and actor movement.

Year One 2014-2015

In Year One 2014-2015 the focus was movement pedagogy. We curated a series of themed practical encounters. One practitioner was an in house movement tutor who was paired with a visiting practitioner. The curation was focussed on drawing out differences and international origins of some of the practices being used. All sessions were documented by running an ‘open space’ where a facilitated analysis with participants at the end of each day of practical work created summaries and photos of these contrasting practices.

Workshops and discourse

Workshop Series One: Rhythm and Sensation

Chisato Ohno and Debbie Green
Saturday 13th December 2014

Workshop Series Two: Energy in Action

Ian Morgan and Ali Hodge
Saturday 21st March 2015

Workshop Series Three: Time and Space

Glynn MacDonald and Vanessa Ewan
Saturday 27th June 2015

Year Two 2015-2016

Drawing by movement researcher Rachel Nouchi

Drawing by movement researcher Rachel Nouchi

Alongside hosting this series of workshops, the ICM started its first collaborative research project which combined a team of ICM movement practitioners (Vanessa Ewan, Ayse Tashkiran, Rachel Nouchi and Ana Marambio) and art curator Dr Alexandra Gerstein as she prepared an exhibition of Rodin sculptures entitled Rodin and Dance: the Essence of Movement at the Courtauld Gallery Autumn 2016-17. Over a period of two years we undertook a series of physical explorations through movement, observation and drawing with a variety of movement students, movement professionals and curators. En route we made discoveries about the model that collaborated with Rodin, the postures of the sculptures, the methods of construction and the drawings. We captured and shared our findings through a film, five practical workshops at Central and at the Courtauld; the exhibition catalogue, the education pack, study day with curators in January 2017.

MA/MFA Movement: Directing and Teaching students participated at different stages of this collaborative research project. For offshoot developments, see this blog post by Viola Bruni.

The ICM also curated the first practitioner intensive in January 2016 specifically to nurture and enhance movement director’s practice. This was a three-day immersion in practice led by dancer Jos Baker (of Peeping Tom Company). This intensive workshop activated ways of creating physical material for the stage; and introduced a range of methods for creating diverse material, spanning dance and theatre.

Movement Creation for Performance

Led by Jos Baker
Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th, Friday 8th January 2016

Year 2 Series

Action, Metaphor and Emotion

Workshop and discussion with Rick Kemp
Saturday 10th October 2015

Integrative Performance Practice

Led by Dr Experience Bryon
February 27th 2016

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