Research Outputs

Fevered Sleep: Men & Girls Dance (2015). Photo by Benedict Johnson.

Our research is disseminated in many different ways.

Through books – both authored and edited --, performances, book chapters, journal articles, designs, productions, software, patents, films, plays, translations, adaptations, masterclasses, and exhibitions.  We try to ensure that our research findings reach as broad an audience as possible through public lectures, seminars, broadcast and print journalism, and specialist workshops. You can find details here of some of the more recent works we’ve published – from Gareth White’s Applied Theatre: Aesthetics (London Bloomsbury, 2015) to Stephen Farrier’s co-edited collection with Alyson Campbell Queer Dramaturgies: International Perspectives on Where Performance Meets Queer (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) and Simon Shepherd’s The Cambridge Introduction to Performance Theory (Cambridge University Press, 2016). There is also information on practice research  – including David Harradine’s Fevered Sleep film, It’s the Skin You’re Living In and Andreas Skourtis’s installation work with Performing Architectures. The staff webpages also provide details of past, current and future projects across the different areas of expertise in the School.

Research at Central