Audition Fee Waivers | The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Audition Fee Waivers

We are delighted to announce we will be expanding our audition fee waiver scheme to enable more applicants to audition with us for a place on our BA (Hons) Acting programme.

Building on the audition fee waivers already distributed to prospective students each year through our outreach work, we will be offering more free auditions to those facing the greatest barriers to conservatoire training.

We will be using government data on deprivation, which indicate areas where there are significant barriers to social mobility. Rather than focusing on hardship alone, we will employ a range of indices of deprivation to attempt to benefit a wider range of prospective students.

You can check whether you would qualify for an audition fee waiver by entering your home postcode. If your home postcode is listed as a number 1 or 2 in any of the following three columns, you will be eligible for an audition fee waiver:

  • Income (column H);
  • Education and Skills (column N);
  • IDACI: Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (column X).

What to do now

In order to be considered for the BA (Hons) Acting programme at Central you will need to submit a formal application following the general guidance for undergraduate applicants. We are only able to offer audition fee waivers to candidates who apply before the 15 January UCAS application deadline. If you are eligible for an audition fee waiver, the process will be explained in the email you receive inviting you to audition.

Applicants who have previously been awarded an audition voucher through Central’s outreach work will still be able to use those vouchers to secure a free audition, and that outreach work will continue alongside this new scheme as we widen access to our courses.