Interview Process - BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Education courses | The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Interview Process - BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Education courses

If you are selected for an interview for a place on the Drama, Applied Theatre and Education course, or its Writing for Performance pathway, we will email you an invitation to attend. The interview will be held at Central and you will be required to spend approximately four hours with us at the School.

The interview will comprise of:

  • a presentation about the degree
  • a practical session (in which you will be asked to participate)
  • a tour of the School
  • a group interview.

For your group interview you should bring an example of your written work. This must be no larger than A4 size and no longer than two pages and, where possible, this should be assessed work with the assessor's comments made on the page. Choose work that covers a relevant topic, such as an essay about a playtext or a review you have written of a live theatre production. This work should have been written in the last two years. If you have not been in full or part-time education for the last two years, are unable to produce a piece of written work, or you do not have post-16 qualifications, it is possible that you will be asked to spend an hour writing a short piece at the end of the interview (this extra time is not included in the 4 hours mentioned above and you may therefore need to stay longer to complete the writing).

In your interview you will be asked to discuss and debate the question ‘In what ways can theatre and performance be used as a social or educative tool in society?’ You will discuss this with your interviewers and other candidates in your group interview.

You should attend the day wearing clothes in which you can easily move. The practical session is not an audition and, as such, you do not need to prepare anything for it before you come to Central.

During your time at Central, you will be shown around by students who will be able to answer any questions you may have. Also during this time you will be talked through the structure of the degree and what you can expect to do on, and after, the course should you be offered a place.

We make every attempt to conduct your interview sensitively, and thoroughly, and endeavour to give you every chance to support your application. Consequently, you do not have to worry if you have not studied theatre and community formally. However, we feel students will get more from the course if they can demonstrate an engagement (practically or intellectually) with the subject areas of drama, theatre and their uses in communities.

All applicants will be advised of the result of their interview via UCAS at a later date, which may be several weeks after the interview.

Distance Interviews

If you live abroad and are unable to attend an interview in person you may, at the discretion of the Admissions Tutor, be offered the opportunity of a distance interview. If you are selected for interview in this manner you will be contacted (normally by email) in order to arrange a suitable time for an interview. This will be conducted on Skype, telephone or by ‘live’ email exchange and will normally be based upon material you will have been asked to submit in advance. The interview will be conducted by the Admissions Tutor in liaison with a colleague who will have sight of your submitted materials.

International Interviews

Central hosts international interviews for many of its undergraduate courses. In the past interviews have taken place in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santiago and Sydney.