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Technical Support

The Technical Support Department (TSD) supports learning through practical advice and training to help students realise projects and productions across all Central’s courses.

Sound studio

TSD also provide a range of tools and equipment, which are regularly updated in line with current industry standards, to help achieve these aims.

TSD is split into four departments:


Media staff provide guidance and practical support for video projects and the documentation of performance and research. Students and staff at Central have access to a wide range of audio visual recording and playback equipment. 

Editing Suites with specialised computer workstations are available offering applications like Final Cut Pro (video editing). A training suite with a selection of applications for Computer-Aided Design (CAD), image manipulation and other programmes is also managed by the Media staff.


Workshop staff cover all aspects of scenery and prop building. This includes timber and metal working techniques, as well as the use of soft materials such as canvas and other materials. In both the Scenery and Prop Making Workshops, staff can offer advice on techniques and the best materials to use.

The staff provide inductions on hand tools and large machine tools in each of the workshops. They are also responsible for the teaching and management of health and safety in their area


The Wardrobe team supports students in a wide range of activities, covering all aspects of costume production and running wardrobe. These include: design interpretation, costume supervision, costume construction, millinery, dyeing/ageing, costume fittings, technical rehearsals, dressing and maintenance. The Wardrobe team also provides inductions to the department’s equipment and offers specialist skills workshops, inspiring students to experiment and develop their own working methods.

Central’s costume store is an integral part of the wardrobe department and forms an invaluable resource for most projects and productions. The collection offers costumes and accessories from 17th century to present day, allowing the interpretation of both historical and contemporary designs.


Technical staff cover all aspects of production technology, including lighting, sound, staging and rigging, offering practical advice on how to use equipment, as well as how to approach a production scenario as a practitioner. This operates at all levels to encourage experimentation to inform your own working processes whatever your specialism or background.

The inventory of available items reflects this spectrum and ranges from modular staging and portable sound and lighting rigs for getting ideas started, to high end technical systems for full production.

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