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Silvia Dumitriu

Project Title

Theatricality. An Alternative Anti-Mimetic Approach


Dr. Tony Fisher


BA Theatre Directing, National University for Theatre and Cinematography ‘I.L.Caragiale’, Bucharest, Romania (2000-2005)

MA Playwriting , National University for Theatre and Cinematography ‘I L Caragiale’, Bucharest, Romania (2008-2010)


My research examines the traditional articulation of drama-mimesis-theatricality, and aims at recuperating theatricality as an aesthetic principle, against its pervasive descriptive understanding as artificiality or as a misleading distance between 'truth' and (modes of) presentation. Theatricality refers to the organizing of stage around its own possibilities and it stands in a tense relation with mimesis, whose legitimating power is asserted on the basis of the logocentric thinking, more specifically in the relation between reason and plot. As the postdramatic represents the theatrical correlative of a breaking point in/of the humanist approach, its defying of historical conventions is liberating the stage from this constraint of proposing mimesis as the main structuring principle.


I am a theatre artist with experience in professional theatre in Romania as a director, playwright, producer, journalist and translator. I have directed two theatrical productions which participated in national and international tours and festivals (Oradea, Buzau, Bucharest, Koln). As a director of 'Partners in Crime' by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt (independent project, 2005-2010), I worked with professional actors from the most prestigious theatre in Bucharest. As a producer of the project I looked for opportunities to present the production in theatre festivals, and I have developed opportunities for collaboration between the arts, official institutions and NGOs, in order to promote the social relevance of theatre in tackling contemporary issues. I have translated 12 plays by Sarah Kane, Bernard Marie Koltes, Israel Horovitz, Yves Koltes from French and English into Romanian, two of them being the basis of current productions at Nottara Theatre Bucharest. As a playwright, I have written a tragical farce about schizophrenia and capitalism, 'Cruel Games' (2010-2011), and a Commedia dell'Arte piece for the 21st century, 'Merry Arcadia' (2005). I am interested in experimenting with forms such as dislocating the chorus from its association with tragic form and reframe it within a farce, or using Commedia dell'Arte’s typical characters to pin down the contradictions behind contemporary approaches to the rational principle.  As a director, I consider the elimination of the exclusive reliance on traditional technical skills an essential part to playing/interpreting postdramatic theatre.


2015 Volunteer, Forest Fringe Edinburgh

2011 Translator. The Terrible Parents by Jean Cocteau. G. Ciprian Theatre, Buzau.

2011 Translator. The Visitor by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt, Nottara Theatre, Bucharest.

2011 Translator. Enigma Variations by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt, Nottara Theatre, Bucharest.

2010 Translator. 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane, National University for Theatre and Cinematography 'I.L.Caragiale', Bucharest, Romania.

2010  Co-producer. Partners in Crime. Koln (Tour of G. Ciprian Theatre, Buzau Romania)

2008 Co-producer. Partners in Crime, Nottara Theatre Bucharest, Tour of 'G.Ciprian Theatre, Buzau.

2007 Director. Zoo Story by Edward Albee, Comedy Theatre Bucharest.

2007 Co-producer. Zoo Story, Festival 'Comedia tine la tineri'

2007 Co-producer. Partners in Crime, Cultural Centre '11th of June', Bucharest, Romania

Key Publications

Covered the Edinburgh International Festival 2008 for the Romanian national magazine ”Contemporanul” (magazine for culture & politics)

Blog The English translation of a few articles written for ”Contemporanul” about performances at the Edinburgh International Festival 2008 and Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008

I have translated 11 contemporary theatre plays from English and French into Romanian

Conference presentations

2016 ‘Theatricality and Sovereignty in Forced Entertainment’s Work’, TaPRA Postgraduate Symposium, Thresholds and Permeability in Performance, Sheffield

2016 ‘Subverting Theory in Postdramatic Theatre’, Intersections – The annual postgraduate conference of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London (RCSSD)

2015 ‘Text, Theatricality, and Impact’ Intersections – The annual postgraduate conference of RCSSD

2014 ‘Theatricality’, Intersections – The annual postgraduate conference of RCSSD

2013 ‘Theatricality’, TaPRA conference, University of Glasgow

Teaching areas/expertise

Postdramatic principles

The reframing of mimesis in contemporary theatre practice

Poststructuralist philosophy (Derrida, Deleuze, Baudrillard)

Using Derrida for postdramatic theatre text analysis (theatre directors)

Sarah Kane

Commedia dell'arte structures (directors, actors and playwrights)