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Rachel Wise


2016 The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, MA Movement: Directing and Teaching
Gaga People Movement, Tel Aviv Israel
Institute for Advanced Acting and Behavioural Studies, Mumbai, Acting and Behavioural Studies
The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, BA (Hons) Dance (Performing Arts)


Movement Direction

2017 Movement Director - Twelfth Night - The Orange Tree Theatre (Alex Thorpe)

2016 Animation Stop Motion, Movement Director - Klick - Animation Tamil Film, Prakash Productions (Prakash Sudarshan)

2015 Movement Director and Playwright - Konflux Plays - Konflux Theatre

2013 Choreography / Movement Advisor to Director and DOP’s - Axe Blast - TVC Ad Film

2011 Associate Choreographer - BBC Balloons Olympics Countdown - The Balloons Project (Ben Brown)

2011 Choreography - In Extremis - Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Stephen C Buckwald)

2011 Director and Movement Direction - Arts To All - Flash Mob Liverpool (Alyx Steele)

2010 Assistant Co-ordinator and assistant choreographer - Big Dance Merseyside - Liverpool

2010 Associate Choreographer - Charlie Brown and Friends - LIPA Musical - Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

2010 Associate Movement Direction / Choreography - Beyond the Clouds - LIPA Musical - Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

2010 Producer and Choreographer - Brashi - Film from Mt Kilimanjaro, Brashi Productions (John Coombes)

Movement Experience whilst on MA Movement: Directing and Teaching

2017 Noyes Fludde, Neville Holt Opera, Director: Oliver Mears, Conductor: Nicholas Chalmers, Original Movement and Movement Director: Anna Morrissey (Revival Movement Director)

2016 MA Advanced Theatre Practice, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama: Team teaching with Ana Marambio and running individual workshops. Teaching movement principles: Breath, Weight, Space, Movement Release Techniques, Contact Improvisation, Choreography and Physical Theatre Devising.

2016 MA Screen Acting, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama: Weekly movement training with the actors to support individual’s physiological needs, as well as developing character work and explore ways movement can assist working on camera. Applying principles from Yoga, Lecoq, Laban, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Graham, Horton and movement behavioural science.

2016 BA Acting, Weekly one to one movement training, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama: Applying experience in functional movement training, drawing from principles of contemporary dance, Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais.

2016 Macbeth Verdi, The Millennium Centre, Welsh National Opera, Director: Oliver Mears, Conductor: Andriy Yurkevych, Assistant Director/ Choreography: Anna Morrissey, Associate Choreography: Maxine Braham (Assistant Choreographer/ Movement Director)

2016 Macbeth Verdi Tour New Theatre Oxford, WNO, Conductor: Andriy Yurkevych, Tour Director: Caroline Chaney, Assistant Director/ Choreography: Anna Morrissey (Assistant Choreographer/ Movement Director)

2016 The Goat and The Step Ladder, Watford Theatre, Choreographer: Kate Flatt (Placement Observation and Choreographers Assistant)



2016- 2017 Teacher and Mentor, Holistic Teaching Practice Workshops, Touching Lives Institute Mumbai: Research and Personal Professional Development Workshops in; Holistic teaching approaches, harnessing a creative environment, movement as a tool for learning and child development.

2016- 2017 Movement and Healing Workshops, Everyone Can Heal, Touching Lives: Research and development workshops with founder Sonia Mackwani. Developing Healing techniques through meditation, movement practices and visualisation, applying acting techniques.

2016-2017 Dance and Music Improvisation Monthly Workshops, Morley Adult Education College: Developing ongoing research improvisation. Exploring relationships between movement, sound, rhythm, presence and the joy of being in the moment. Applying principles of Csíkszentmihályi’s Flow theory and current research in Neuroscience, drawing from Gaga movement principles.

2014- 2016 Full time GCSE Dance Teacher, GCSE Drama Teaching Assistant and Physical Theatre Movement Workshops, The Royal Ballet School, White Lodge.

2013 Konflux Theatre Education: Training workshops for directors, play in a day across the UK and young actor training workshops in improvisation, devising and actor movement.

2012 The Hearing Association Arts Academy, Mumbai: Movement, Dance and Acting Tutor.

2011- 2013 Arts to All- Mumbai, Phnom Penh, Liverpool: Performing Arts Co-ordinator, Dance, Acting, Music and Yoga Coach.

2011 LIPA 12:19 Summer School, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts: Contemporary Dance Teacher.


My passion for people and movement has grown to working within theatre, film, television, site specific immersive theatre and more recently in animation film and opera.

After studying a range of movement from a young age and an intensive dance training, my interest developed into large cast productions, acting, devising and choreography. I have worked within film and television for three years whilst attending an actor training course specialising in behavioural studies. Alongside continuing to act, teach, perform, choreograph and devise dance and physical theatre. During this time, I trained in boxing and martial arts assisting action directors for film in movement choreography.

I began devising plays and directing for Konflux Theatre in 2013, this developed into playwriting and leading movement training workshops for other directors. To date I have written and directed over twenty-five plays for Konflux Theatre, touring to schools across the UK.

I continue to be inspired by people, stories and movement, alongside developing my current movement practices. Whilst pursuing my growing interests in movement from around the world, communication, and the bodies emotional connections made through movement.


Contemporary (Contact Improvisation, Graham, Cunningham and Release) Jazz (Horton, Mattox), Gaga, Yoga (Body Mind & Ashtanga), Street, Fusions, Traditional Greek, Bollywood, Martial Arts, Boxing, Pilates, Ballet, Tap, Physical Theatre. IAABS, Stanislavski techniques, Spolin techniques, Laban. Other Skills: BSL, sight reading, AQA GCSE Examiner. Recent Courses: Historical Dance - Ian Brener

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