Korina Kokkali | The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Korina Kokkali


2017 - 2018 The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, MA Movement: Directing and Teaching
2013 - 2015 Association Barre Astie, Diplôme de Professeur de Barre Astie
2010 - 2015 Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Theatre, BA in Theatre Studies
2007 - 2010 Higher Professional Dance School Niki Kontaxaki Nikolettas Bakali, BA in Dance and Dance Teaching


Experience whilst on the MA Movement

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, teaching placement with BA Acting 1st Year students Movement Fundamentals (mentor: Debbie Green).

Experience in Movement Direction & Choreography

2017 Movement Direction - Wild Duck - by H. Ibsen - Theatre Poreia, Athens (D.Tarlow)

2016 Movement Direction - Therismos - by D.Dimitriadis - Greek National Theatre (D.Tarlow)

2016 Movement Direction - The Mall - by A. Pinakoulakis - The Neverlanders - Theatre epi Kolono, Athens (A. Pinakoulakis)

2016 Movement Direction - Gyros tou kompou - by D.Dimitriadis - Leuki Skini - Theatre Tempus Verum, Athens (G.Doulos)

2016 Choreography and Movement Direction - Trouble in Tahiti - by Leonard Bernstein - Opera Group The Medium Project - Theatre Simeio, Athens (Raia Tsakirides)

2015 Choreography and Movement Direction - The Shell Game - composed by George Doussis and libretto by Eri Kyrgia - Opera Group “The Medium Project” - Theatre Olvio, Athens (Raia Tsakirides)

2015 Movement Direction - The Three Sisters - by A.Chekhov - Theatre Poreia, Athens (D. Tarlow)

2014 Assistant Choreographer - Chimaera - by M.Karagatsis - Athens and Epidaurus Festival and Theatre Poreia (D.Tarlow)

2013 Choreography & Concept - Un Dia - NeWton Dance Company - Athens Video Dance Project 2013 (E. Makris)


Korina has a BA in Theatre Studies from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and has a Diplome de Professeur de Barre Astie, from the Association Barre Astie in Lyon. She trained as a dancer and dance teacher at the Higher Professional Dance School Niki Kontaxaki. She has participated as a dancer in many performances for S.I.S.X.E, including at the annual Dancing Charity Gala, in videos for the Athens Video Dance Project, and at the PK theatre Dance Festival in Athens with contemporary dance group Carmina and at the Torch Ceremonies of the Olympic Flame.

During the period 2007-2017 she was teaching Ballet, Tap Dance, Contemporary & Creative dance and Barre Astie at the Dance & Ballet School Elisavet Gergoudi. At the same time, she was responsible for the direction and choreography of the annual dance performances there.

Since 2014, Korina has worked as a choreographer and movement director on the operas The Shell Game and Trouble in Tahiti, (The Medium Project - opera group), theatre works Ibsen’s Wild Duck, Chekhov’s Three Sisters, Karagatsis Chimaera (Poreia Theatre) and Dimitriadis Therismos (Greek National Theatre).

Korina works with the tenets of collaborative and inclusive practice. She has a special interest in ensemble work and Opera and Ancient Greek Theatre.


Choreography, dancing, teaching dance (ballet, tap, contemporary, Barre Astie - floor barre), video dance, music theory, piano.