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Joseph Marchant

Personal details

Height: 5'9"

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Dark Brown

Voice: Tenor


2016 - 2019 The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, BA (Hons) Acting (Musical Theatre)

Productions at Central

2018 Barney - Lost Empires (Cara Nolan)

2018 Bolingbroke - Richard II (Jon Pashley)

2018 Paul - Company (Martin Parr/Caroline Humphris (MD)/Chris Cuming (Choreographer))

2018 Lory - A Trip to Scarbourgh (Nickolas Grace)

2018 Ensemble - A Chorus Line (Ed Hughes/Wendy Gadian (MD)/Lynne Thomas (Choreographer))

2017 Adam - The Shape of Things (Sue Dunderdale)

2017 Dromio of Ephesus - The Comedy of Errors (Giles Taylor)


2016 Ensemble - Cyrano de Bergerac - Chichester Festival Theatre/The Company (Stephen Israel)

2016 Townsperson - An Enemy of the People - Chichester Festival Theatre (Howard Davies)

2008 Barney - The Music Man - Chichester Festival Theatre (Rachel Kavanaugh/Stephen Ridley (MD)/Stephen Mear (Choreographer))


American-Standard, Cockney, Dublin, English-Standard*, Heightened RP, RP


Ballet, Ballroom, Jazz Dance, Tap, Tenor*, BASSC Rapier & Dagger and Unarmed (pass), Clown, Cycling*, Fencing, Running, Shooting, Puppetry

Current production

Lost Empires

Spotlight ID



c/o Wendy Gadian 020 7559 3994