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Jindeok Park

Project Title

Dancing on Documentation: Live Documenting in Improvised Performance


Dr. Jane Munro


BA (Hons), Dance, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea (2007)

Diploma, Dance studies, Trinity Laban, UK (2008)

Postgraduate Diploma, EDge Dance Company, London Contemporary Dance School (2010)

MA, Dance, London Contemporary Dance School (2011)


My practice-as-research, Trace Composition, challenges how the live documenting can be facilitated in the improvised performance in the process of doing, testing, observing, performing and reflecting. I analyse and criticise my own studio processes in emergent questions, possibilities, problems, and reflective outcomes from performing at Collisions – the annual practice as research postgraduate festival at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London (2013-2016). I consider performing improvisation with live documentation, and discuss how Peggy Phelan, Matthew Reason and Rebecca Schneider define the relationship between documentation and performance. I discuss how documentation as performance is different from documentation in performance. This thesis also articulates ways of improvising for documentation as performance, considering the principles of live documenting in an improvised performance. I examine the ‘time’ in improvisation through Rebecca Schneider’s ‘the theatricality of time’ and Gilles Deleuze’s ‘differential presence’. I also discuss revisiting archives through Gabriella Giannachi, and the significance of visual attention in the act of improvisation using the critical analysis of Alva Noe and Kent De Spain. 


I am a dancer, choreographer and currently involved in Practice as Research in dance improvisation at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I was born in South Korea, where I started my dance training in Korean traditional dance, ballet and contemporary dance. After graduating from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul (South Korea), I was part of EDge Dance Company 2010 and completed an MA at London Contemporary Dance School. Being greatly inspired by working with Wally Cardona and Rahel Vonmoos on dance improvisation, I am interested in improvising contexts in dance. I have danced in and choreographed numerous dance pieces in South Korea and the UK, including ‘C-monologues’, performed within ‘ID’, Rahel Vonmoos’ piece showcased at Coventry University in 2014. I have also been a choreographer and performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2008) and in ‘A Downpour’, performed at Resolution 2012 (Robin Harward Theatre). I have presented the paper ‘Archival Choreography: exploring the transformative impact of the past on the present improvisation’ at the New Researchers Network symposium in 2015 in London.  


2016 Workshop participant, The working of Time, the Secret Teachings. (led by Julyen Hamilton).

2015 Choreographer and dancer, Trace Composition 2015, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD), PaR project.

2014 Dancer, C-monologues, Coventry University, (choreographer Rahel Vonmoos).

2014 Workshop participant, Choreographic Improvisation Workshop, Independent Dance, (led by Rosalind Crisp).

2012 Choreographer, One Step, Tristan Bates Theatre, Department of Musical Theatre at Goldsmith University.

2012 Dancer, Collaboration Project, Seoul National University, Department of Architecture.

2012 Dancer, Empty Room, DaehakRo Theatre, (choreographer Woojung Kim).

2012 Choreographer and dancer, A Downpour, Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Resolution

2011 Dancer, The King and the Minotaur, the Labyrinth Gallery, Trumpet Creepers collaboration. 

Conference presentations

2016 ‘Practice as Research: A new insight of composing dance improvisation’, Intersections – The annual postgraduate conference of RCSSD

2015 ‘Archival Choreography: exploring the transformative impact of the past on the present improvisation’, New Researchers Network Symposium, STR

2015 ‘Dancing on documentation: exploring how choreographing time impacted on structuring for dance improvisation performance’, Intersections – The annual postgraduate conference of RCSSD