Hlamalani Georgina Graaff Makhubele | The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Georgina Makhubele


2018 - 2019 Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, MA Movement: Directing and Teaching
2017 Rhodes University (South Africa), Honours in Drama
2014 - 2016 Rhodes University (South Africa), BA in Drama and Fine Art


'Cult Clit' - Best Original Student Production at the South African National Arts Festival, 2017
'Cult Clit' - Best Student Production in the South African Theatre Magazine, 2017

Experience (whilst on the MA Movement: Directing and Teaching)

2019 - Assistant Movement Director to Natasha Harrison, La Belle Helene, Blackheath Halls.

2019 - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Taught on the first year BA Acting course, 'Seeking Neutral' unit. Mentored by Vanessa Ewan.

2019 - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Taught on the first year BA Acting course, 'Stamina' unit. Mentored by Vanessa Ewan.

Previous Experience at Rhodes University - Drama Department

As a Choreographer

2017 - Choreographer, Aura - Honours Degree.

2017 - Choreographer, Cult Clit - South African National Arts Festival.

2017 - Choreographer, Cadence - Honours Degree.

As a Movement Teacher

2017 - Movement tutor for the first year students during their first semester. 

As a Performer

2017 - October, Choreographed by Athina Vahla - Honours Degree.

2017 - Dark Matter, Choreographed by Serena Paver - Theatre In Motion.

2017 - 120 BPM, Choreographed by Acty Tang - Honours Degree.

2017 - Passage, Choreographed by Gary Gordon - Honours Degree.

2015-2016 - Finding Upright, Choreographed by Maipelo Gabang - Theatre In Motion & South African National Arts Festival.

2014 - Icarus, Choreographed by Ananda Paver - Theatre In Motion.

2014 - Solo, Directed by Hannah Lax - South African National Arts Festival.


Georgina Makhubele is a South African performer and choreographer, currently living in London and completing her MA in Movement Directing and Teaching. Her interest in movement was nurtured from a young age through her practice of ballet and contemporary dance. This interest was further developed at university when she was introduced to the world of physical theatre, and collaborative and devised theatre. Her background in these forms greatly influence her choreographic style, which is hugely informed by the process of improvisation, collection and creation.

Exploring the relationship between the body and itself, other bodies, space, and context, is what excites Georgina the most. Human interaction, relationships, and everyday experiences are her main source of inspiration when creating work – these also being integral to the world of the actor, which made her choice to do her MA in actor movement, an easy one.

She believes that movement is extremely necessary within the creative and storytelling realm because of the ability it has to reach people beyond the barriers of spoken language, and access emotion and understanding regardless of background and belief. Working with actors on movement has opened up Georgina’s understanding of it from being limited to the dancer’s experience, to being available to a world of possibilities.


Contemporary dance, ballet (basic), contact improvisation, devising, choreography, singing, and painting.