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Antonio Chuaqui

Personal details

Height: 1,69 cms

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Voice: tenor


2016 - 2017 The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, MA Movement: Directing and Teaching
2015 - 2015 Universidad del Desarrollo, Teacher Training Program specialization in Performing Arts
2003 - 2004 Universidad de Chile, Diploma in Cultural Management
2000 - 2003 Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, BA in Acting


2007 Actor/ Fernando de Aragon - Fuenteovejuna - Fiebre (Andrés Céspedes)

2010 Actor/ La ley de Gracia - El gran Teatro del Mundo - Fiebre (Felipe Castro)

2008 Actor/ Salerio - The Merchant of Venice - Fiebre (Felipe Castro)

2009 Actor/ Montano - Othello - Fiebre (Felipe Castro)

2011 Actor/ Sebastian - Twelfth Night - Fiebre (Felipe Castro)

2013 Actor/ The Dance Teacher - The Gentleman Bourgeois - Fiebre (Jaime McManus)

2012 Actor and Director´s assistant/ The Reverend Hale - The Crucible - Fiebre (Felipe Castro)

2014 Choreographer and Director´s Assistant - The Bald Soprano - Fiebre (Felipe Castro)

2015 Actor, Director´s Assistant, Choreographer / Baltazar - Romeo and Juliet - Fiebre (Felipe Castro)

2015 Dancer/ Duque - La belle epoque - La belle epoque (Juan Pablo González)

2010 Actor/ Urbanista Valenzuela - La Pérgola de las Flores - DIF (Felipe Ríos)

Movement Direction

2017 Movement Director - Andorra - East 15 Acting School - The Corbett Theatre (Chris Meads)

Movement Direction

2017 Movement Director - Just to Get Married - Papercuttheatre - Finborough Theatre (Melissa Dunne)


2017 Dancer - The Little Stranger (Lenny Abrahamson)


Antonio Chuaqui trained as an actor and as a social and ballroom dancer. He has a background in musical theatre, film and television, and is known for Amor en tiempo record (2006), Residencia (2004) and Casado con Hijos (2006).

His career has spanned acting, teaching, dancing and directing in Chile. For the last twelve years he has participated in projects such as "Todos al Teatro", "La Belle Epoque" and productions such as Othello, The Crucible, Fuenteovejuna, El gran Teatro del Mundo, La Cantante Calva, and Romeo and Juliet.


Social dances (Waltz, Tango, Swing, Rock and Roll, Charleston, Fox Trot, Gay Gordon, Paul Jones, Mambo, Chachacha, Rumba, Merengue, Cueca chilena), movement devising, theatre choreography,


Spanish, English