Dr Kiki Selioni, BA, MA, PhD | The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Dr Kiki Selioni, BA, MA, PhD

Job title

Affiliate Postdoctoral Research Fellow


I was born in Larissa, a town in Central Greece, and from my childhood I studied dance with the support of my parents. After finishing high school, I moved to Athens to study dance on a professional level and then moved in London where I studied Dance Theatre. I returned a few years later to Laban where I completed an MA programme in European Dance Theatre Practice. Research conducted as part of my MA studies concerning the Laban connection with Aristotle Poetics, as well as my experience in teaching movement for actors and my own professional practice led to a PhD at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama which was completed in 2014. A revised version of the thesis was published in 2014 with the title: Laban-Aristotle: Ζώον (Zoon) in Theatre Πράξις (Praxis) towards a methodology for movement training for Actors and in Acting.

I have worked as Head of Movement (Drama School Contemporary Theatre of Athens, Drama School Proti Praxi) as well as a Dance, Movement, and Acting teacher in various Greek and British Drama and Dance Schools. I am also a visitor teacher in I.L.Caragalya UNCAT in Bucharest. In addition I have given papers at symposia in Cairo, Rome, London, Athens, and Bucharest. I continue to work as a director, actress, choreographer, movement instructor, and producer.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (funded by the Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens) at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. My research concerns the structure of a methodology of British Acting with Lawrence Olivier as the key actor model, based on Aristotle Poetics and Laban movement analysis which I name as Biophysical Acting.

I have given lectures/demonstrations, as well as, masterclasses about my research at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts (CISPA), Fontainebleau School of Acting (Fonact) and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA). 

Research Areas

  • Actor Training Coaching on stage and on screen
  • Acting analysis in Film
  • Movement for Actors
  • Aristotle Poetics and contemporary Performance practice
  • Laban for actors, directors, and filmmakers
  • Practice as Research

PHD Supervision

Poetics and Natyasastra – Comparative Study of the Theatre Concepts of Ancient Greece and India at the Doctoral Schools within the National University of Theatre and Cinema Arts in Bucharest, Romania.

Teaching Areas

  • Acting (on stage and on screen)
  • Movement for Actors, Dancers and Directors (Laban Studies including voice )
  • Acting Analysis in Film
  • Choreography
  • Classical Ballet for Actors
  • Graham Technique for Actors

Key Publications

2016. ‘Laban-Aristotle: Movement for Actors and in Acting’, Choros International Dance Journal, issue 6 (Spring 2016).

2014. Laban-Aristotle: Ζώον(Zoon)inTheatreΠράξις(Praxis)towards a methodology for movement training for Actors and in Acting. Athens: Hellinoekdotiki.


Recent practice includes:

2016. Masterclass, Laban-Aristotle Movement for Actors. I.L.Caragalya UNCAT in Bucharest

2016. Masterclass, Shakespearean soliloquies. DEREE College, Greece

2016. Director, Pariah. Cacoyannis Theatre Athens

2015. Director, Blood and murder in Shakespeare. Cacoyannis Theatre Athens

2015. Movement Consultant, A lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur. Fournos, Athens, Dir. V. Nikolaidis

2015-2016. Director, Madame de la Carliere. Cacoyannis Theatre Athens

2015. Director, Winter Light. Cacoyannis Theatre Athens

2015. Director, Move Shakespeare! Cacoyannis Theatre Athens

2014. Yearly Workshops and Masterclasses, Movement and Acting. Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation Athens.

2013. Series of workshops, Laban-Aristotle Movement for Actors. ‘Apo Michanis Theatre’ Athens

2013. Movement Consultant, La Spartizione. Theatro Fournos, Athens, Dir V. Nikolaidis