Robbie Fletcher-Hill

Personal details

Height: 5"9

Eyes: Blue-Grey

Hair: Light/Mid-Brown

Voice: Baritone


2015 - 2018 The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, BA (Hons) Acting

Productions at Central

2017 Hamlet - Hamlet (Geoff Coleman)

2017 Lear - King Lear (Jonathan O'Boyle)

2017 Orestes - The Oresteia (Claudette Williams)

2017 Jimmy Porter - Look Back in Anger (Peter McAllister)

2017 Undershaft - Major Barbara (Auriol Smith)

2017 Sparkish - The Country Wife (Nick Moseley)

2016 Marco - A View From The Bridge (Eric Loren )

2016 Stanley Kowalski - A Streetcar Named Desire (Peter McAllister)

2016 Maria / Sebastian - Twelfth Night (Nick Moseley)

2016 Robert Chiltern - An Ideal Husband (Peter McAllister)

2016 Andrei - Three Sisters (Nick Moseley)

2015 Dan - Closer (Nick Moseley)




RP, Manchester, American NYC, H. RP, West Country, American Standard, Somerset, West Country, Yorkshire, Northern, Merseyside*, London (Cockney)


BASSC-Rapier/Dagger (Distinction), Unarmed (Distinction), Basic Dance (Jive, Waltz, Shottische, Period), Meisner, Clowning, Laban, Voice Acting, Running, Drawing/Sketching

Current production

When The Rain Stops Falling

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