The Creative Voice

The Creative Voice

    Course fee

    The Creative Voice fee: £350

The Creative Voice is a full-day workshop providing participants with a greater understanding of articulation, clarity, vocal power, pitch, pace and tone.

Explore the fundamentals of voice and vocal technique. Discover techniques to increase vocal power & projection. How to build resonance, gravitas and tone into your vocal delivery. Understand how we support the voice through breath support and positive alignment.  Increase your understanding of vocal anatomy – how do we form words & sounds, how can we alter our articulators to improve diction and vocal clarity. Employ vocal training techniques to increase vocal strength & health. Discover how to incorporate colour and animation into your voice, how to use the voice to bring text to life. The full-day workshop culminates in individual workshopping to ensure vocal improvement and  sustainable outcomes.

The Creative Voice is led by a full qualified voice trainer and is limited to 10 participants. The course will run 10am - 5pm at the Cervantes Theatre in Southwark. 


Tuesday 26th June 2018

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The Venue

Full day workshops are hosted at The Cervantes Theatre, located in Southwark, London. Find on Google Maps.

Cervantes Theatre stage space

Cervantes Theatre bar and breakout area