International Pre-Course

We offer a pre-course for international students to make the transition to studying at a UK university college easier.

Students from countries other than the UK may take time to adjust to academic study here, and taking part in this International Pre-Course can help with the process of adjustment. It is for all non-UK students and will prepare you to study, so that you can embark on your degree fully prepared. The course is not primarily about language learning; however, if English is your second or other language, you will develop your confidence, specifically in talking about theatre and performance.

Course Outline

The International Pre-Course is intended for students who are starting undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses in September or October of the same year.

If you become a student on the course, you can expect to:

  • get to know Central
  • get to know London
  • understand the process of undergraduate/postgraduate study orientation
  • understand English for academic purposes, by familiarising yourself with subject-specific language and terminology across courses and strands (which will help you get to know other courses here)
  • become familiar with modes of learning and teaching at Central
  • experience communicating with peers and staff at Central 
  • receive information sessions on accommodation, finance and other practical aspects of living and studying in London.

Key Features

  • the course involves a combination of tutor led classes, independent tasks and cultural experiences in London (costs included in the price of the course)
  • some students may take this course as a result of a recommendation from a tutor at the point of interview/audition
  • many students are not required to take the course, but do so to better prepare themselves for their future studies and their experience as a student in the UK.

If you require a visa, please ensure you allow enough time for one to be issued. Central will provide you with a visa letter once registration and payment for the course are complete.

Course aims

Whether you join Central for one, two or three years, you will experience a richness and diversity that a tourist can only glimpse.

The course aims to:

  • help you gain an understanding of the academic and cultural context of university study
  • help you to plan for your studies.

Course Dates

Dates to follow in January 2018.

Course Fee

£485 per student

How To Apply

Applications have not yet opened for 2018. For further information, call 020 7449 1624 or email us

Please note:

  • Applications for your chosen pre-course date must reach us by the last date to apply (which will be stated above). Late applications will not normally be accepted.
  • Pre-course needs a minimum of 10 students in order to run. If your chosen pre-course has fewer than 10 applicants it will be cancelled. You will be notified within a week of the last date to apply confirming if your chosen course will run or not. If your chosen course does not run, we will normally offer you a place on another pre-course.

I think it is a great idea to have the pre-course. I was looking for a way to gently get my feet wet and this course helped me do just that. It answered a lot of questions about ways of teaching and learning here at Central. It also helped me align my expectations and have more realistic expectations as far as the assignments and marking and assessment go.

I definitely recommend the international pre-course week because it will boost your confidence in every way possible, both regarding the specific modes of communication and learning at Central and regarding living in London.

I feel so much more confident in general…I felt like I could ask everything I was concerned about without worrying about sounding stupid.

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