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Halpin Partnership Race Equality Review of Central

Central invests an additional £100,000 into new Diversity programmes

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

In 2018, Central’s Board of Governors commissioned an external and independent race equality review of its principles, practices and processes for the development and realisation of the School’s race equality inclusion ambitions.  Today, with the publication of the Halpin Report, Central announces a series of initiatives including an additional £100,000 investment into new Diversity programmes, funding for a new, full-time Equality and Diversity Advisor position, and the establishment of a new sub-committee of its Board to report on matters of Diversity and Inclusion.

Following a competitive tender, Halpin Partnership was selected to manage the review, which was conducted over a number of weeks during the 2018 autumn term.

High levels of participation were noted from staff, students, and alumni who variously took part in interviews and focus groups and responded to surveys, and the Board of Governors and Central’s senior management team are grateful to all those who contributed to this important review. 

The Halpin Partnership report was presented to the Board at their most recent meeting, and the report is now available to read in its entirety

The statistical evidence in the Halpin report indicates that Central performs well in race equality when measured against other arts providers in Higher Education; however, it is also clear that for some students and staff there is a gap between those statistics and their lived experiences.

The Governors and senior management team fully acknowledge that we can – and we will – do better, working together with colleagues across the Central community.  To this end:

  • The Board has accepted all the recommendations from Halpin Partnership; many are already being implemented, together with a number of initiatives not included in the report. A few recommendations are more complex and will need consultation with staff and students in order to be implemented successfully. 
  • As a statement of our commitment to this important issue, the Board of Governors is announcing an additional investment of £100,000 to drive progress and to accelerate a step change at Central, further embedding race equality into all of our activities.  This fresh investment programme includes funding for a new full-time Equality and Diversity Advisor position.
  • The Board has also set up a new sub-committee, including staff and student governors, which will report to the full Board on matters of Diversity and Inclusion. It will monitor the successful implementation of the Halpin Partnership recommendations and other initiatives in this area, as well as oversee the development and implementation of institutional diversity and inclusion goals.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards and to proactively embracing diversity in all our work. We believe that understanding and valuing our differences will help us find more ways to be excellent in everything we do.

The Board of Governors and the senior management team welcome, for all its uncomfortable messages, the Halpin Partnership report. Their recommendations give us an opportunity to look forward and to achieve transformational, lasting change, growing Central into a beacon of excellence in race equality. Diversity brings richness, knowledge and innovation. This is an opportunity we are committed to taking but we can only reach our goal by working together.