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Central graduate Andrew Garfield interviewed at The Embassy Theatre by CBS

Central Acting graduate Andrew Garfield was interviewed for CBS at the Embassy Theatre

Monday, 9 October 2017

BA Acting graduate Andrew Garfield recently returned to Central to be interviewed by major US news network CBS.

The interview, which was aired in the US for CBS’s Sunday Morning show, took place largely in the Embassy Theatre, where Central students perform in and produce a range of public productions each year.

During the profile to promote his upcoming film, Breathe, Garfield showed CBS interviewer Seth Doane around the School and visited the legendary Room A, as well as the high profile alumni steps at the front of the building. The pair also walked across London's Waterloo Bridge to The National Theatre, where Garfield recently performed in Tony Kushner’s surreal two-part epic, Angels in America, alongside fellow Central graduate Nathan Stewart-Jarrett.

Breathe is released in UK cinemas on 27 October 2017 – you can see Garfield talk about Central in the interview on the CBS website from 06:06.

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Image: CBS

I was just a goof, I needed somewhere to do that in a way that wasn’t annoying…and I needed someone to say ‘it’s ok, this is the time and space for you to be an annoying person, we actually like the annoying person here!’