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Brink Festival 2017

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From 22-29 June, Brink Festival presents innovative work-in-development by the performance practitioners of the MA/MFA Performance Practice as Research program


Presented by MA/MFA Performance Practice as Research students

Celebrating one year of independent postgraduate research as part of the MA/MFA Performance Practice as Research at Central, BRINK hosts a myriad of works that challenge and provoke current ideas and questions around theatre, performance and visual art. The festival promises exciting new work from emerging performance innovators living, exploring and creating at the brink of their disciplines.


Notes on Toilets

A queer(ed) performance-lecture taking place in a forgotten corner of the institution: its toilet. Playing with the notion of restroom breaks as ‘thoughtless’ moments, this encounter explores the affective and theoretical potential of the toilet as a site of thoughtful, collective musing.

Good Listener

This partially improvised performance combines and borrows from live music, lectures, stand-up comedy, and installation to create an auditorium in which how we make meaning through listening is questioned. Good Listener will ask questions such as “how do we listen?”, “does it really matter what music is?” and that age old quandary, “is Steely Dan actually good?”.

Matters of Things

An interactive and experimental performance installation revolving around a collection of broken and fragmented objects normally relegated to the peripheries of everyday life. In this liminal space between trash and treasure, objects and things, participants are invited to explore, imagine, and negotiate meaning.

Mandala in the womb

A performance of ‘ritualisation’, in which I, the ritualizer-experiencer encounter with you, the witness-experiencer. How is the inner experience of ritual likened ‘to death, to being in the womb…to an eclipse of the sun or moon…to possessing nothing’?

Mist words

This performance installation steps outside modern male discourse, and turns instead to the marginalized practice of Alchemy to write woman. The audience gets a glimpse into the mysterious world of the alchemist on her quest for The Philosopher’s Stone. Will she discover the golden essence?


Gogoozle is a test that experiments with the possibility of extracting human accountability from online profiles. By reflecting on specific questions about the fictions we consume and create as internet users, Gogoozle seeks to understand the online logic of data accumulation. This practice begins by creating an empty profile; the question is, how far will Google take us? Audiences are invited to sit back and watch, but not to relax!

Stranger Bonds

What does it mean to get to know someone? Does a bond between two people have to exist over a period of time? Each session will provide you with options of different bond cultivating activities, letting control mingle between practitioner and participant, and making each encounter unique. Come play!

Title in Transition

Do you feel like society has already determined your body and identity? Or is your identity evolving? Are you a process? Is your body in transition? Jae Endris is a queer trans artist and a body in transition. Her pronouns are she/her.

The Corporate Warrior

This satirical and auto-biographical work uses personal, learned behavior to probe the limits of assumed power and perceived self-determination. It looks for the cracks and brittle-ness of the ‘self-made’ warrior, finds moments to disestablish its power, and reveals what (if anything) lies behind it.

The Brink 2017 performance team:

The 2017 Brink Festival crew


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Webber Douglas Studio and around Central

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The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Eton Avenue
Swiss CottageLondon NW3 3HY

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22 Jun 2017 - 6:30pm to 29 Jun 2017 - 8:30pm

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