Why You Need a Creative Voice to Be Heard | The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama Why you need a creative voice to be heard

Why You Need a Creative Voice to Be Heard

Be Heard The Creative Voice

Whether you’re talking to a colleague at work, addressing a group in a meeting or delivering a presentation to a large audience, you want your message to be heard. But how can you ensure your audience will actually listen to you? 

Think of reading a story to a five year old. If you read with a monotone and quiet voice, they probably won’t last past the second page before wondering off. The same is true for adults. Except adults’ minds wonder while they are outwardly nodding and smiling. Therefore it is up to you to make sure they truly engage with what you are saying.

Have you ever noticed someone who seems to effortlessly hold the attention of a room or expertly control a conversation and wondered how they manage this? People often use words such as ‘Impact’ and ‘Gravitas’ when describing an engaging communicator, but rarely do you have a chance to explore what these terms mean or how you can achieve them. 

Many of us assume that we simply ‘can’t do public speaking’ or that we ‘just aren’t very good at speaking in front of colleagues’. It is too easy to criticise ourselves and let fight or flight take hold when we are in a meeting or delivering a presentation. With some simple breathing exercises and performance techniques you can learn to control these impulses and speak with calm confidence. 

An actor will spend hours rehearsing before stepping on to the stage. Developing your voice for a work environment is no different, you have to practice. On our one-day Creative Voice course, we provide the opportunity to explore, learn and rehearse vocal techniques in an open and creative environment. Through understanding your speaking habits and practicing key skills such as articulation, resonance, pitch, pause and pace, you will develop the confidence and techniques to engage and inspire others. 

Jude Bolton MA
Voice and Communication Coach, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

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