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Threads and Leitmotifs in the Practice as Research at Half Moon

Boots and Masking Tape

Since joining the project a couple of months ago, my focus has been on the evidencing and articulation of the Challenging Place project at Half Moon as a practice as research inquiry. The challenge has been in finding and picking up the threads of the research within a web of people, who are playing a variety of different roles within the project.

However, as suggested by Sally in our first meeting, certain threads or 'leitmotifs' have emerged from the young people's work on place over the past weeks; the defining of a fearful place through the use of masking tape (see above), the transforming of the everyday using ribbon and pipe cleaner and the disruption of place through the scattering of cornflakes... It seems that on a number of occasions, the interaction between ideas of place and physical objects has activated insightful artistic responses on the part of the participants; responses which relate directly to and further the research.

As we approach the final performances on 4th and 5th July, it is fascinating to see all the threads referenced above being woven into the fabric of the material the young people will perform. The next challenge is impact. How has this work impacted upon those who have participated and will the threads of the research be communicated to those who come to see the performances in a couple of weeks' time? Lots still to explore and discover...

Jo Scott 24/06/12