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Our Approach

Discover our unique approach to voice, communication and presentation training.

Our Approach to Bespoke and Business Training

The philosophy and methodologies Central use are based on proven empirical research and exercises derived from the fields of Actor Training, Voice Training and Performance Practice.

Our Approach

Central has a strong commitment towards innovative ways of delivering effective teaching and learning. Our training approach mirrors the ‘rehearsal room’ experience - no PowerPoint, no heavy paper-based resources, little classroom style teaching and more active, experiential learning. All of our bespoke training has a three phase approach:

  1. Build an awareness of individual communication style, recognise habits and identify what is preventing us from altering our approach
  2. Discover new, innovative techniques in a safe, secure and creative environment
  3. Embed new discoveries through scenario-based training ensuring outcomes are sustainable and change permanent.

Our Values

Why actor training? An actor’s most powerful tool is influential, confident and authentic communication. The power to communicate is at the heart of performance. The art of influential voice, speech, presentation and communication in a business environment is an identical framework to an actor’s performance; the individual must capture the listener’s attention, connect emotionally and intellectually with language, develop audience rapport and create impact.

Our Trainers

Our trainers have a rich history of working within the Theatre and Corporate sector. All of our training courses are led by a fully qualified Voice & Communication trainer. For further info please check out our trainer bios.

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