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Knowledge exchange and public engagement

Image of performing practice as research course performance. Pictured: Brink Festival

Central academics engage in a wide range of knowledge exchange and public engagement activities beyond higher education.

Performance-oriented activities include:

  • Public lectures, panels and interviews
  • Workshops and masterclasses
  • Performances for public, school, community and other external audiences
  • Programming and curatorial work for festivals and events.

Communication activities include:

  • Appearances in various media, including news, radio, TV, film, documentaries, livestream and digital
  • Print and web journalism
  • Podcasts, videos, livestream and VR/AR
  • Hosting a professional website
  • Writing theatre programmes and DVD notes.

Influence-oriented activities include:

  • Membership in industry associations and advisory councils
  • Key positions in external organisations (as a governor, director, etc.)
  • Participation in external partnerships and collaborations or interdisciplinary initiatives
  • Engaging in professional consulting, coaching and training outside Central.

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