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International Research & Knowledge Exchange

We are committed to leadership in the field of theatre arts and performance.

Central’s international focus is firmly embedded within its Corporate Plan 2013-2018 where its world-leading vision commits to developing practitioners and researchers who shape the future of theatre and performance across the UK and beyond.

For over 100 years it has grown into a unique hybrid institution, becoming a specialist HEI positioned with equal authoritative connections into academic research, industry research and knowledge exchange.  The Academic Plan 2011-15 (currently the basis for Academic Strategy 2016-21) will continue to endorse and govern our global reach and mobility actions, so that we remain at the forefront of developing industry-informed teaching practice, and are the ‘first choice’ internationally.

Our strategies for global partnership development can be categorized into different approaches but all are governed by a commitment to leadership in the field of theatre arts and forging the development of the subject specialism, research and innovation.  Staff are actively involved in international research and knowledge exchange projects with partners in Mexico, Spain, China, Czech Republic, Australia and India to name just a few.

For academics inter-institutional arrangements are developed from mutual interest and collaboration, and are driven by innovation and knowledge exchange.  In addition formal arrangements emerge through new research projects based upon the innovative and cross-sector dialogue to bring about the generation of new knowledge.

For further information on international project opportunities please email