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Equality & Diversity in Staff Recruitment

Equality & Diversity in Staff Recruitment

Central’s staff recruitment procedures have also been designed to be fair and compliant with regards to equality and diversity legislation.

Suitability for employment is strictly assessed on a competency level. Each role within the School is clearly defined by a competency based job description that is free from any forms of discrimination.

Employee Diversity statistics

The following data are for contracted and fixed term employees and has been generated from the institution's staff HESA collection 2017/18.

Central Employees Gender

Female 63%
Male 37%

Central Employees by Gender, 2017-18

Central Employees by Ethnicity

Ethnic Minority 18%
White 81%
Unknown 1%

This table displays full-person equivalent (FPE) for ethnicity as per HESA definitions.

Central Employees by Ethnicity, 2017-18

Central Employees by Disability

Total with declared disability 9%

Central Employees by Disability 2017-18

Central Employees by Age range

Under 21, 0%
21-30, 14%
31-40, 26%
41-50, 26%
51-60, 26%
61-65, 6%
Over 65, 2%

Central Employees by Age 2017-18