The Dulcie Gray CBE and Michael Denison CBE Scholarships

Available for two applicants holding an offer on any course.

The Dulcie Gray CBE and Michael Denison CBE Scholarships are available to two applicants holding an offer on any course who may be unable to undertake their studies due to hardship.

The Scholarships have been made possible following a generous legacy gift from the Estate of Dulcie Denison, a former student of Webber Douglas. The scholarships are designed to support prospective students that demonstrate great talent in their vocation, but lack the personal finances to afford to study at BA or MA level.

COURSES: All Courses



APPLICATION DETAILS: Applicants interested in applying for the Dulcie Gray CBE or the Michael Denison CBE Scholarship must be holding an offer for a course at Central.  Prior to dissemination of the scholarship all relevant applicants will be invited to apply for the scholarships and will be sent an application form together with guidance notes.  Application deadline to be confirmed. Criteria for the scholarships are based on a combination of merit (promise/ability shown in application form and at audition/interview) and hardship. Central’s scholarship panel will consider all eligible applications, and all applicants that have applied will be notified of the outcome of their scholarship application.

ABOUT THE DONORS: Dulcie and Michael were alumni of Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts where they met and fell in love. Their time at Webber Douglas was an incredibly happy time for them and led on to a happy marriage and careers. They were both accomplished actors and Dulcie was also a popular crime writer and lepidopterist. Their family recall Dulcie reminiscing about the hardships of student life: the cold winters and being under-nourished a lot of the time.  Their generous legacy gift is being used to provide scholarships to make an impact on the financial pressures faced by two of today’s students.