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Central at Camden Fringe 2019

Central alumni, students and staff shows at Camden Fringe this year.


Theatre. Thereby Hangs A Tale Productions, produced by Tom Morris (B.Ed Teaching 1990)

2 Northdown, Aug 1-3 @19:00

Welcome to the Russian Revolution of 2019! Part gig, part play and part all-singing, all-means-of-production-seizing musical. An irreverent reinvention of John Reed's iconic eyewitness account of 1917 mixes protest songs with spoken word, satire with magic tricks and today's most radical politics with the events of a century ago. Russia 1917 and American writers John Reed and Louise Bryant find themselves in Petrograd on the eve of revolution. Join them as they rub shoulders with Trotsky and Lenin, stumble through debates and near-death experiences and discover what they're willing to sacrifice for their beliefs. For anyone who's ever wanted to change the world. Join the Revolution!


Theatre. Molodyi Teatr London, including Finlay Ross-Russell (BA (Hons) Drama, Applied Theatre and Education 2018) 

Etcertera Theatre, Aug 12 & 13 @18:30

A moving reflection on loss and memory based on true stories from the ongoing war in Ukraine. A woman who has lost her brother to the war and is left with only a few of his belongings tries to make sense of what happened. Using documentary theatre, music and storytelling the show explores what remains when someone dies in armed conflict.


Comedy. Solo show from Katie Davison (MA Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media 2012)

The Bill Murray, Jul 31 @18:45

Women. Chances are you've met one. Statistically, at least 12% of you are one. They're in our streets, in our homes and since as early as 1994, our workplaces. One of them is in my clothes, right now: it's me, Katie Davison. And me will be doing this One (wo)Man Show about the business of success, featuring character Vikki Maxim. As seen on BBC 3.


Theatre. Presented by Bitter Theatre Company, and written by Kimberley Turford and James Easey (both BA (Hons) Drama, Applied Theatre and Education 2018)

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Aug 21, 22, 24 @19:00

Do you have what it takes to get your GAY-CARD? With better discounts than NUS it belongs in every Gucci handbag. Join Felix, Becky, and Mary as they attempt to learn what we were never taught; same-sex-sex-ed, voguing & queer history. Have a kiki with our questioning threesome (not like that!) & say a big f*ck you to conversion camps. #CAMPThePlay


Theatre. FK Co-lab, produced by Nur Khairiyah Ramli (MA Creative Producing 2019) and directed by Faezah Zulkifli (MA Advanced Theatre Practice 2019)

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Aug 19 & 20 @20:30

Jennie recently moved to London, inheriting a strange cardboard kitchen from distant relatives. She uses it as an opportunity to learn more about her family, until she encounters an unwanted stain she can’t quite get off the walls. 

Packed with secret ingredients, this cross-cultural one-woman play is a first by Singapore company FK Co-Lab.


Theatre. Written, directed and produced by Khairul Kamsani (MA Actor Training and Coaching 2018)

Tristan Bates Theatre, Aug 5-10 @21:15

A love story between art and science. Across the seemingly different universes of linguistic anthropology and quantum physics, Jean and Jean attempt to build a relationship. But will two people whose lives have their foundations in very different worlds be able to summon mutual empathy and understanding enough to make it work?

"...original, thought-provoking and intelligent contemporary performance."


Theatre. Featuring Annabel Chadwick (BA (Hons) Drama, Applied Theatre and Education 2019) and George Bury (BA (Hons) Acting Musical Theatre 2019)

Camden People's Theatre, Aug 12-14 @21:00

A young man recounts his memories of his Dad and an unspecified local football club to an audience. A show for the supporters and the non-supporters. Expect laughs and tears as you are taken in and out of the past with the man's reminiscent story-telling. 


Theatre. Burnt Orange Theatre Co, with Producer Laura Aiton (MA Ceative Producing 2019)

Etcetera Theatre, Aug 10 & 11, @12:30

Fast is a poignant and political story about a group of Year Eleven classmates in a typical British farming town. Cara has her life ripped apart by the fast food industry. When her class decide to take part in a charity fasting session, she seizes the opportunity to make her community listen to her and her actions. 


Theatre. Scramcollective, with Georgia Andrews (incoming BA (Hons) Drama, Applied Theatre and Education student)

Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Aug 17-20 @19:00

After the world has been decimated by a nuclear catastrophe, two clowns rise from the ashes and discover they are the last people on the planet. Between them, they must ensure their own survival and rebuild civilisation as they knew it. Only one problem stands in their way: they’re both idiots.

A playful romp through the end of times, Fools of the Apocalypse is a clown show that offers a playful take on the doomsday scenario whilst shining a light on the resilience of the human spirit at times of crisis.


Theatre. MFB Productions, with  Lucio Veronesi (BA (Hons) Acting 2018)

The Water Rats Theatre, Jul 29-31 @19:15 

F**k Freud tells the poignant story of a young Italian actor, navigating his new life after moving to London. In between absurd auditions, unfulfilling part-time jobs and convoluted relationships, it seems harder than ever to find an identity within not only a foreign culture, but also a world that doesn't always seem to make sense. F**k Freud explores what it means to be in your twenties and the various challenges life canpresent during this precious, yet difficult period of time. "Sometimes I wish I decided to do something else you know... something more practical, something more normal. A university degree like my friends." "And that would have been easy in your opinion?"


Theatre. Orange Skies Theatre, with core members Rachel Coleman and (Performance Arts student), and company stage management from Olivia Boyd (Stage Management student)

Camden People's Theatre, Aug 2-4 @Times vary

Set in a near-future Britain where healthcare is privatised, a young couple's relationship is quietly pulled apart. With movement and an original score, In Addition is 'Bursting with anger at the current political climate, but with compassion too, it is the play that Britain needs right now.' Mumble. Shortlisted for Les Enfants Terribles Award 2018.


Theatre. Written and directed by Antonia Georgieva (MFA Advanced Theatre Practice 2020). Presented by Aslant Theatre Company, including set & costume design by Cara Evans (BA Design for Stage 2019), movement direction by Mandy Gordon (MA Movement Directing and Teaching 2019), assistant direction by Josephine Czarnecki (MFA Advanced Theatre Practice 2020)

Camden People’s Theatre, Aug 22-24 @19:15 and Aug 25 @17:30

MUSE is a new play based on the life of surrealist photographer Dora Maar and her relationship with Pablo Picasso. As the enigmatic muse behind Picasso’s “Weeping Woman,” she appears always fragmented, not quite there, forever refracted and distorted through his gaze. Taking place during WWII, the play explores the inherent violence of the relationship between artist and muse. MUSE takes us on a surreal journey through time, colors, tears, blood, and fragments, asking what is the price to pay for a place in the long halls of art history?


Theatre. Vortex Collision Arts Company, including performance from Ben Fensome and Ramanjaneyulu Doosari. Co-directed and co-written by Vicente Carlos Luque and Philip Dow (MA/MFA Advanced Theatre Practice)

The London Irish Centre, Aug 2-3 @21:30

A young man brings home a stranger who was beaten up on the street. His desperate attempt to help the person in need leads him to discover wounds he wasn’t meant to deal with. Soon, they will be unexpectedly engulfed in a loop where there will be nothing that could not happen.


Theatre. Directed by Annys Whyatt (MA Advanced Theatre Practice 2019) 

Hen and Chickens, Aug 18-21 @18:00

When Belinda's engagement sees her reunited with Alice, it feels like no time has passed. But as well-wishing gives way to long-buried disagreements and unanswered questions, Belinda's future seems less and less rosy. 


Theatre. Produced and performed by Jess Andrews, Bonnie Chan and Kate Roche (MA Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy 2018) 

The Chapel Playhouse, Aug 3-4 @13:30

An exploration of time, grief and mythology, When He Fell is the story of one girl trying to survive her own memories. This devised, physical theatre and puppetry performance incorporates the Chinese legend of Pan Gu and the personal experience of coping with bereavement. 

If you are a current student, graduate or member of staff, and your show has not been listed here, then contact alumni@cssd.ac.uk with the details. Please include the show title, venue, dates and times, as well as the names of the alumni or students involved in the production.
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