Forum Theatre Training

Forum Theatre is a provocative and interactive style of training. Forum Theatre was created by the innovative and influential practitioner Augusto Boal as part of what he termed ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’. As a method of training, it allows participants to watch issues-based scenes, in which a central character (protagonist) encounters an oppression or obstacle. 

In a training context, this obstacle tends to be a shared problem amongst the group such as cross-cultural communication challenges or client centred obstacles.  The short play is re-run and the 'spect-actors' (active audience members) can stop the scene at any time and coach the characters shown in the scenes to ‘better outcomes’.  They can also take the place of the protagonist and try out their ideas/solutions.  The other characters (actors) react accordingly.

Additionally, a facilitator acts as a go-between, feeding suggestions to the actors and managing input from the audience.  The event becomes a forum in which ideas and experiences are tested and shared.  Delegates are engaged with and entertained by a play written especially for them as well as learning techniques in a safe and supportive environment. 

The following training can be offered as a full-day or half –day interactive course:

> Customer Service Training
> Conflict Management and Resolution
> Cross- Cultural Communication Training
> Negotiation Training
> Embedding Strategy
> Delivering Feedback.

Course Detail:

All workshops are bespoke to company requirements. Prices are available on request and dependant on content and group size. For a complimentary consultation please email or telephone +44 (0)20 7559 3954.