Confident Communication for International English Speakers

The course is designed specifically for individuals using English as an additional language.  Previous delegates have included diplomats, embassies, business clients and students. This course will introduce you to the sounds of standard English as represented in the phonetic alphabet and offer techniques to practise and perfect the sounds that facilitate effective pronunciation. During the course you will learn the art of speech specificity and clarity using enhanced vowels, consonants and intonation patterns

This course is driven by the needs of the individual and is highly interactive with time built-in for listening, conversation and practice to assimilate the complex linguistic skills you are learning.

Course Objectives

> Explore personal areas of development
> Understand how voice and speech are produced
> Identify how to practise and improve the sounds of standard English in a supportive environment
> Provide specialised training to minimise accent for increased clarity and impact
> Become familiar with the key language components, including pitch, pace, pause and intonation patterns aligned to the English speaking sounds
> Receive personal feedback and key objectives to allow you to continue your development post course.



For further information, including how to book, please call +44 (0)20 7559 3960 or email Central Connects.