Broderick Chow, MA, PhD

The academic support and training I received during the MA ATP has been essential to my growth as an artist and academic. It was a lecturer on the MA ATP who encouraged me to pursue my PhD, and it was the innovative approach to collaboration and new work that has changed the approach to my practice entirely. While I came to the course as an ‘actor,’ I was encouraged to take risks and explore new practices. The technical support at Central is excellent, the teaching is first rate, and the atmosphere of creativity and artistic exploration is truly exciting. This is why, in addition to my teaching at UEL, I am also currently teaching as a visiting lecturer on MA ATP, the course that started it all!

I came to Central in 2005 after studying for a BA in Theatre at the University of British Columbia and training with Lyric School of Acting, and having worked as an actor in film, TV, musical theatre, and straight plays. Since finishing the MA Advanced Theatre Practice I have pursued a career in stand-up comedy, including writing and performing two solo pieces, Akira California and Easy, Tiger!. Inspired by the rigorous critical approach to performance creation I began studying for a PhD at CSSD in 2007, and in December of 2010 I became the first doctoral graduate of the college. I currently work as a lecturer at the University of East London, teaching on the BA Theatre Studies and the MA Theatre Directing and MA Acting courses. Stand-up, performance and writing are still a major part of my life, and in addition to running the popular new material comedy night Every Other Monday in Camden, I am currently collaborating on a new play (We Live in Financial Times) as a performer and writing a pilot sitcom (In the Cold Light of Day) with David Gregg (another MA ATP graduate).

Graduation / Study Year:
Saturday, 1 January 2011