A list of Central alumni who have sadly passed away in the last two years.


If you know of someone who should be included on this page, please contact us with a personal tribute or a link to a published obituary.

Andrew Dallmeyer (Webber Douglas) (d.2017)

James Walker (Stage 1963) (d.2017)

Margaret Braund (Teaching 1944) (d.2016)

Carrie Fisher (Stage 1977) (d.2016)

Lynne Gagliano (MA Advanced Theatre Practice 1996) (d.2016)

Josephine Garrity (Tech 70) (d. 2016)

Professor Sally Grace (Teaching 1958) (d.2016)

Elizabeth Jackman (B.Sc Speech Therapy 1949)

Helena Jones (Teaching 1960) (d.2016)

Christopher Waite (Stage 1969) (d.2016)

Petrus Bertschinger (Theatre Practice 1984) (d.2015)

Robert Chetwyn (Stage 1951) (d.2015)

Faith Widdicombe (nee Coade) (Teaching 1944) (d.2015)

Richard Hamer (Stage 1961) (d.2015)

Claud Holmes (Speech and Drama 1973) (d. 2015) 

Angela Inglis (Teaching 1962) (d.2015)

Yvonne Nelson MBE (Teaching 1946) (d.2015)

John Roberts (Teacher and Director at Central 1964-1985) (d.2015)

Lolly Susi (Stage 1981) (d.2015)

Nigel Terry (Dip Stage/Acting 1966) (d.2015)

Stefan Thegeby (BA (Hons) Theatre Practice - Performance Arts 2015) (d.2015)

Julia Wilson-Dickson (Teaching 1971) (d.2015) We are most grateful to the friends of Julia Wilson-Dickson for donating a gift to Central in her memory.

Benedikt Arnason (Stage 1954) (d.2014)

Lynda Bellingham (Stage 1969) (d.2014)

Gerard Benson (Teaching 1962) (d.2014)

Timothy Byford (Stage Management 1962) (d.2014)

Jenny Courtney Clack (Stage 1978) (d.2014)

Robert Demeger (Stage 1980) (d.2014)

Oliver Bernard (Adv. Dip Speech & Drama 1971 (d.2013)

Jeffery Dench (Stage 1952) (d.2014)

Jean Harvey (d.2014)

Tony Marriott (Stage 1952) (d.2014)

Matthew Naegeli (MA Music Theatre 09) (d.2014)

Pamela Vandyke Price (Stage 1946) (d.2014)

Richard Pasco (Stage 1950) (d.2014)

Karen Royer, nee Alderson (Stage Management 1986) (d.2014)

Susan Stern (Teaching 1973) (d.2014)

Matthew Tomlanovich (MA Voice Studies 2005) (d.2014)


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