Accommodation Support

Advice on accommodation for new and current Central students.

Accommodation Support

The Student Advice Service offers year-round accommodation support by providing help and advice to students looking for, or currently staying in, Halls of Residence or Private Rented Accommodation.

Central does not have its own Halls of Residence but receives annual allocations in the University of London’s Intercollegiate Halls. There are also several Private Halls of Residence, and Private Rented Accommodation options, close to Central.

For help, advice and the latest news on accommodation, please join our Facebook page or Facebook group, or visit the Student Accommodation page on Learn Zone. If you cannot access these, please contact the Student Advice Service.

Prospective students and parents can also make appointments with the Student Advice Service to discuss accommodation options. Either in-person or telephone meetings can be arranged.

We also hold a vast amount of information that can help students, including the Accommodation Guide, the Accommodation Housing Checklist, information about Transport for London fares and more. Contact us if you wish to access this material.

Use our Step by Step to begin your accommodation search.

Halls of Residence

There are two options for students that want to live in Halls: The University of London Intercollegiate Halls and Private Halls.

Living in Halls of Residence is a popular choice for students as it can help from a budgetary point of view. You know exactly what your costs will be, including bills and meals, which can make managing your finances easier.

Most Halls of Residence also have Wardens to provide help and assistance.

If you have a disability and are seeking for advice on adaptations you may need for accommodation, please see Information for Students with a Disability.

University of London Intercollegiate Halls

Each year, The University of London allocates rooms from their Intercollegiate Halls to Central. The Halls are located in Central London and are approximately a twenty-four-minute journey by London underground or bus to Central.

Halls are generally catered (two meals per day are provided and included in the rent) and you are not permitted to cook your own food.

Details on how and when to apply can be found on the Accommodation webpage on Learn Zone.

University of London Self Catered Accommodation

Through the University of London's Property Management Services, all students can apply for single rooms in self-catering flats at Clandon House in North Finchley. Clandon House is approximately 32 minutes from Central by bus.

You are required to view this accommodation in person before you can accept a room there.

If you would like to apply for a room, please contact Clandon House.

Private Halls of Accommodation

There are a number of privately run student halls, some run by charitable institutions and some by commercial companies. Charges vary widely from as little as £85 per week for a shared room to £300+ per week for a single study bedroom with en-suite facilities.

Within Walking Distance of Central

For more information on private halls, please visit the Accommodation (private halls) webpage on Learn Zone.

University of London Housing Services

The University of London Housing Services has an extensive list of private halls located all over London, contact them to find out more.

Private Rented Accommodation

The majority of students studying at Central choose to live in Private Rented Accommodation.

Shared Accommodation

Two Sharers’ Days are organised each year to help students find a property or flatmates.

Dates for the 2016 Sharers’ Days are:

  • Friday 15th July
  • Friday 19th August

To reserve a place, please contact the Student Advice Service with your full name and course.

For more information on Accommodation Events, visits the Accommodation Mahara page.

The Student Advice Service runs an accommodation group on Facebook, which students can use to speak with each about finding properties together.

Letting Agencies

For more information on letting agencies, please visit the Accommodation events page on Learn Zone.

International Students

Each year we hold an International Student Welcome Event where information is provided about settling into London. Students from the UK are also welcome to attend.


Student Advice Service

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